ADVANCED visualization

For the advanced data visualization should be accessed the specialized platform that hosts the applications. Applications access is open and FREE of CHARGE.

Access:, in the upper right corner, click Login, then select Qlik Sense Cloud.

Type Usernamejurnalistdate and PasswordJurnalistDate77 After logged in, it can be shown again the Qlik start page. Just repeat the previous step: in the upper right corner, click Login, then select Qlik Sense Cloud.

In opened page, in the column on the right, select the last position OpenMD .info

At the top of the main block, select the application desired. Attention: Click on the top of the selected application.

In opened page shows application with the visualization sheets (Sheets). We recommend to select the first sheet. Attention: click on the top of the sheet, on the graphics icon.

Congratulations, now you can go to the advanced analytics visualization of the data.

DYNAMIC visualization of the data! This platform offers the possibility of interactive data visualization. If you have identified certain values (bars in charts, slices in pizza, …), they can be selected separately by clicking the mouse, or by selecting the desired interval by clicking at the beginning of the interval and unclick at the end of the interval. The platform asks you to confirm your selection with the green button, or to abandon with red button, buttons that appear in the upper right corner of the active view. After the desired selections, all visualization in all the sheets will automatically be adjusted to the selected values.

Switching between visualization SHEETS. All graphics and figures are grouped into sheets. The navigation between sheets can be done in two ways, in the top right corner select from the list that appears when you click the rectangle in which the title of the current sheet is displayed, or navigate back and forth by selecting < or >

Export visualization and embed code. Selected visualization can be extracted as images from screen (Print Screen button on the keyboard) or through a separate link or embedded code (iframe) which can be obtained by right clicking on the desired visualization, then selecting Share. From the box you’re copying, copy the link or the code and place it wherever we need it.